studioWe tailor the training for each client whether we are dealing with beginners, intermediates or experienced media handlers.

Generally, our courses fall within the following categories:

Media awareness

For anything from 5 to 50 or more people, we can explain how the media works and how you can make it work for you.

Covering everything from the basics of what makes a news story to top tips for handling a crisis, we always include some practical element on media interview skills.

Duration – 1hr to half day.

Media training for beginners

Usually for 5-6 people, but more can be arranged. We explain how the media works, how to handle media enquiries, how to generate publicity and how to handle bad news. We move on to preparing and handling media interviews, then perform press, radio and TV interviews with playback/feedback.

Duration – full or half day.

Media training advanced/refresher

Usually for 5-6 people, but more can be arranged. We remind you of the basics of how the media works and run through handling challenging issues and tough questions. Then we spend the rest of the day performing radio and TV interviews. We may have a newsflash with a crisis story that develops through the day. Perhaps a press conference at the end. This course is tailored for you.

Duration – full or half day.

Crisis media handling

Anything from 3-6 people or even 1-to-1, this training can be created around a fictional scenario or tailored to a specific issue you are about to face. We’ve helped many clients prepare to handle front page news. We give you the tools and practice to get your message across clearly, honestly and persuasively. We examine what makes a crisis, media trigger points, how to manage the situation and get your message across.

Duration – 2 hours to full day.

Presentation and public meeting skills

For 3-6 people or 1-to-1, we help you understand how to put together and deliver a powerful presentation. We help you face a challenging audience and deliver a complicated or difficult message in a clear and persuasive way. We’ve delivered this training to many organisations in health and local government who are consulting on major change to services.

Duration – half or full day.


We know how tight public sector budgets are and we keep prices as low as possible. Typically, our rates work out at approx £150 per person plus VAT if the venue is provided by the client. We provide all radio and TV equipment.

Typical course content

Although each course is tailored for the client, typical content includes:

  • How the media works
  • Proactive and reactive (good and bad news) handling
  • Working with your communications team/press office
  • Social Media
  • How to handle a media enquiry
  • When to say yes – or no to an interview request
  • Interview preparation
  • Defining key messages
  • Handling tough questions
  • Handling a crisis
  • Body language/tone
  • Avoiding jargon
  • Using soundbites
  • Using examples